29th January 2015 from Mel, Brighton, East Sussex

She really enjoyed the contents of the box, which is very thoughtfully filled with making that event easier to deal with.

13th January 2015 from Jennifer, Dublin

We both thought the box was brilliant and she loved the book especially


13th January 2015 from E. Louise, County Mayo

I purchased ahead of my daughter’s first period – think it will make for a very special gift for her when the time arrives. Thank you Funky Goddess!


18th October 2014 from Angela, County Meath

Just to let u know we have received Funky Goddess gift box My Daughter is thrilled with it.  Very nice surprise when she came home from school.She cannot put the book down. Not even to do her homework. Lol…  but eventually HAD to!! She loves EVERYTHING  in the box and thinks the hot water bottle is soooo cute!


26th September 2014 from Theresa in Scotland

My order arrived in the mail and i cannot wait to pass in on to my daughter at the right moment. I really think this is one of the loveliest ways to introduce a life changing event to your daughter. The service and attention from Jackie really meant so much as well, truly someone who loves her work! Thank you Theresa.

 27th August 2014 from Suzanne, Howth, County Dublin

I bought one for my niece last year & now it’s her sisters turn! They’re a really great idea 🙂 Many thanks, Suzanne


1/6/2014 from Lisa, Michigan, US

Hi Jackie,

We received the box last week.  It’s great thank you so much!

Not knowing what to do when my daughter started her period for the first time, I did a google search and saw your amazing product.  Thought it was a great idea and placed an order 🙂


4.3.2014 from Linda Leacy, Wexford

The gift set arrived and is great.  The book is just what I was looking for.  It explains everything so well for a young girl to understand.

Thanks again and good luck with the business!  Best Regards, Linda.

10/11/2013 from Ger, County Kildare

A good way to introduce the topic. My daughter was happy with the gift box. The book, hot water bottle and carry case are good but she thinks the bracelet is a wee bit ‘babyish’.

Thanks Jackie for excellent service!

6/11/2013 from Elizabeth Byrne, Waterford

I am just being organized – shee does not need it yet! I am sure she will be thrilled!

14/10/2013 from Jeni, County Waterford

She loved it, thought the bracelet a little chunky for her though.

18/9/2013 from Fiona, Inniskeen

Hi Jackie , thank you so much for the lovely gift box , my daughter loved it and we both thought the book was really good , lots of information for growing girls. Your gift box is a brilliant idea and every young girl should have one. Also your customer service was excellent , thank you so much again.

13/9/2013 from Anne, County Westmeath

My daughter absolutely loved funky Goddness gift-box. In particular she loved the book that was included and read it straight away. We have placed the gift-box in her bottom drawner and now feel fully prepared.

6/9/2013 from Niamh, Ennis, County Clare

Hi Jackie, I purchased the box to have when the big event arrives! It’s beautifully presented and your customer service was just excellent.  Continued success to you.  Regards Niamh

21/6/2013 from Amanda, County Longford

Hi Jackie, Just received your package its a Fab little gift box and i.m sure my little sis will be delighted with it. I will deffo be recommending you to others great little starter pack aswell as fast and efficient service. Many Thanks Once Again. Its been a pleasure. Kind Regards, Amanda 🙂

28/6/2013 from Mairead Henchion, County Cork

Hi Jackie,  Thank you so much for your very prompt and efficient delivery of the “first period box”. I bought this for my daughter Caoimhe, and I love it because it celebrates the fact that she is becoming a woman, and that its not something to be ashamed of. We have had some great chats since and I really feel it has helped her open up to me about any questions she has, and keeps all the lines of communication open between us, as some days its harder than others! Anyway well done Jackie, such a wonderful gift between mother and daughter. Highly recommend to all mums of young girls facing this exciting and frightening stage in their loves. Mairead

20/6/2013 from Rosie, Norwich

I bought the gift box for my 10 year old daughter. She loves it! It has provided a gateway to lots of useful conversations, and she’s taken great pride in showing it to her Grandma too. What I love about it is that it is positive and celebratory, not scary and shameful. Sure, growing up can be daunting, but it’s also the start of a brilliant adventure. I want my growing girl to be excited about her future as a woman, not frightened of it. Well done Funky Goddess, great job.

3/6/2013 from Angela, County Meath

Hi Jackie. My daughter Yasmine loved the bracelet. Thank you, Angela.

31/5/2013 from Ruth, County Meath

Hi Jackie. Nina (aged 11) loved everything in the gift-box.

18/5/2013 from Trudy, Dublin 15

Hi Jackie. Aoife was chuffed with her gift-box.  She really loved it. Since she got it, she’s been asking me questions and is very interested.  Thanks again, Trudy.

17/5/2013 from Patricia, Dublin 10

Hi Jackie. Just to let you know I got the gift-box. Very pleased with it. Thank you. Regards, Patricia

Review of the ‘Welcome to Motherhood’ gift box (For New Mums)

I am due in just a few days, and from reading my blog or following me on Twitter you could know I was trying to get some tips on what to pack in my hospital bag. Then I got a lovely message from Funky Goddess and they sent me this fantastic box full of goodies every new mum will appreciate.

You know that this is my second pregnancy, and I still managed to find there something I have never heard of… the Witch Hazel. This lotion is supposed to be great for healing any stitches or bruising after having a baby. I also loved the flowery notebook, which will be useful for writing notes, feelings and ideas during the first days, as I will probably not be able to blog at that time.

And another thing I had to laugh about, the cosy socks included, as I am sure that not many of you thought of including some in your hospital bag.
What a fabulous collection of products! Thank you!

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Review of the ‘Welcome to Womanhood’ gift box (First Period)

From the moment we discovered this product we thought what a great idea it is, so we got together with a small group people, most of whom are mothers and fathers of young girls who will soon be hitting puberty to get their thoughts and views.

We found that it is still somewhat amazing how taboo the subject of periods and menstruation is and how it is still one of those topics only ever whispered about.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting it should be top of the list for dinner conversation but it definitely shouldn’t be such a difficult thing to talk about.

Unfortunately though it is difficult for a lot of people, and the thoughts of broaching such subjects with daughters can be somewhat daunting, especially for men, and whilst you would think it really is a woman’s job to deal with such matters, there are a lot of single fathers out there who will eventually have to have “the conversation” with their little girl.
This is where we think The Funky Goddess Welcome to Womanhood Gift Box comes into its own. We think it would be a great tool for helping to talk about and explain what exactly is happening.

“As a Mammy who doesn’t want to give her daughter hang-ups about something that’s perfectly natural, I would say it’s a great thing”

“I’m already armed with the hot water bottle etc. … but this might just make the shock easier for the poor kid.  It’s a nice little gift to soften the blow!!!”

read the whole article on GirlieGuide.com – just click here >>

Making That “First Period Chat” a little easier with Funky Goddess

As a mother of two daughters I often think about the day I will need to have that “First Period Chat” with them, which if I’m honest, actually scares me as my mother didn’t have one with me. I had to learn as I went along and kinda deal with it on my own as I knew what it was from talks at school but I was always too scared to ask my mother about things like that. I don’t want my girls to be like I was, I want them to be able to ask me anything. Periods are a completely normal part of every woman’s life and just like Funky Goddess says, we should Welcome them to Womanhood.

Read more on Mummy_Of_3_Diaries blog >>

Welcome To Womanhood!

A few weeks ago i was chatting to the lovely Samantha from Funky Goddess and a few friends on twitter about my Daughter, who is 12 years old.

A little bit background info! My daughter is hearing impaired, she has moderate sensorineural hearing loss which was undiagnosed until she was 7 1/2 years old. Now due to the late diagnosis she is not as developed mentally as a “normal” 12 year old. So one evening i was chatting and had got a bit upset at the difficulties she faces.

Read more on Silver Birch Crafts blog >>

Customer Testimonials

We love to hear your comments and feedback! Here are  some to date:

Dr Nicola Davies Says:

Samantha, you are doing some fantastic work here on a number of levels:
– for the many girls who struggle with the difficult transition to womanhood. This can cause havoc emotionally as well as physically, so anything that can make it more glamorous (which I believe you have done here) is a wonderful resource.
– for mothers helping their daughters make this transition.
– for father’s who might feel lost and uneasy about this topic. I saw you targeting father’s on twitter and was very impressed. This is such an important target audience, especially for lone parents. Your products provide them with a way of supporting their daughter without them having to worry about being in unfamiliar territory. I highly encourage you to continue along these lines.

I wish you and your daughters the very best.
Keep up the good work!
Kind Regards,


Welcome to womanhood gift box review

My mam bought me the welcome to womanhood gift box and it was a nice surprise. I liked how colourful and cheerful it looked and like looking at all the items and trying them out with my mam. The soap smelled lovely when I used it. The box made it a little less embarrassing to be heading into woman hood and made it easier to talk to my mam, and for her to tell me what I need to know. I really enjoyed it and it was a really nice present.

Faye, age 11, Co. Wexford

I like your idea of helping young girls through their period. Its a brilliant idea! Its a great step to empowering them I feel.

~ Nitya Kamalanathan


Hey there Funky Goddess – Have no kids myself but definitely will be spreading the word to my friends who have girls comming up to that age!! Why didn’t we I have something like that when I was that age!! Great idea & well done for taking the initative!

Best of luck! ~ Jennifer


Dear Funky Goddess, Just a note to say a big thank you.

When I received the Welcome to womanhood gift box I purchased for my daughter, I was so thrilled with it and so was she. She actually said “Mommy I know this might sound weird but I’m really looking forward to getting my period now” to which on hearing this (apart from nearly crying) I was delighted. I had explained to her prior to getting this gift, the journey she will go through in the next couple of years and that it was nothing to fear as all teenager girls and women take the same path.

To be able to buy such a wonderful, well thought out gift for her to have in her bottom drawer for when her journey starts was great. She sat down and had a good look through the box, wrapped it back up as nicely as it had been presented and was quite excited and giddy, which made it all worthwhile for me as a mum. I know when I was growing up I never had “The Talk” with my mum and probably didn’t know all the correct facts til many years later so I’m delighted and proud to be able to speak so openly and relaxed with my daughter and to have the gifts you provide including your links on the website to help this happen is an appreciated bonus.

Keep up to good work, I applaud you for taking on such a shunned subject (yes even in this day and age) and wish you all the very best success in your new venture.

~ Catherine, Armagh.

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