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Questions and Answers about Periods

How long does a period last?

A period can last anything from 1 day to 8 days.   Until your periods become more regular your period cycle would be 28 days.  This can also vary from 15 to 35 days. Your periods generally happen once a month.

How often should I change my towels?

It is a good idea to change them every two to three hours. In the gift box is a pencil case which you can bring to school with a change of underwear, towels, disposable bag (to put in bin) wipes and tissues, in case a period starts at school. If you forget to bring in the pencil case don’t worry – you can always ask one of the teachers at school & they will be able to help.

How will I feel while I am having a period?

In the first few days of your period you might experience stomach pains and feel tired. In the gift pack we have put in a hot water bottle and eye-mask. If this happens, it is a good idea to take a nap which helps. This feeling will pass.

How will my body change?

From the time you are born your body changes all the time. First you are a baby, then a toddler, child, teenager and adult. All these changes are milestones and all are equally important but as you become a teenager the changes in your body appear more obvious. You start to grow taller, develop hips, breasts, body hair (on your legs, under-arms and vagina) and finally periods. This is all part of turning into a woman. It doesn’t happen overnight – it takes a few years! All your girl friends will go through the same changes as you. So you are not on your own.

Information on sanitary towels

There are lots of different brands – too many too mention! They come in different sizes and shapes, with wings, without wings, sanitary towels for heavy periods and sanitary towels for light periods. There are night-time towels because you won’t change towels during the night while you are sleeping. They are designed to be more absorbent. Most sanitary towels have sticky tape on the back to hold them in place in your underwear, which is a good idea. In the gift box are three different types. It is a good idea to look at different ones to see what suits you best. Go shopping with you mum, dad, aunt, gran or big sister – whoever you feel comfortable with.

The other options to using sanitary towels are tampons. Again there are lots of choices and brands. The advantage of tampons is that you can go swimming with them on. They also come with very good instructions on how to insert them. It is very important to do this correctly. Finally, please be aware of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). It is a very rare illness which can occur when you are menstruating and using a tampon.

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